Amy Fitz Doyley new video ‘Over and Away’

Amy Fitz Doyley – Over and Away

Last year… oh, what a year! CAPs singer-songwriter Amy Fitz Doyley decided to use the time to jump into the studio and get making new music. Over and Away is a song she’s written about time travel, posing the question, ‘what would you do if you could turn back the hands of time?’

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Video Credits

Music composition and Lyrics: Amy Fitz Doyley
Performance: Amy Fitz Doyley and Rosie Bergonzi
Filming: Yulia Hauer & Elena Agulla Gil
Recorded by: Joy Stacey & Fran Edwards
Location: Goldsmiths Music Studio
Funding: Light Factory Records

Amy Fitz Doyley - Over and Away
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