Carlo Pisanu joins half marathon

Carlo Pisanu is a fantastic hairstylist/artist, joining his partner Angelina Luzi in running the London Landmarks Half Marathon on Sunday 1st August 2021. We asked Carlo a few questions about the event.

What motivated you to get involved in running the half marathon?

“I was inspired to do the half marathon by the fact that I love running and I took this opportunity to help MMC.”

What have you enjoyed most about your training?

“I really like doing many different types of training and doing sport is my greatest passion of all.

How has your talent helped your training?

“I’ve always had a passion for music in general, but my job is another. I’m a hair-stylist and I work for Toni & Guy Blackheath. I love creativity and I’m always experimenting new styles.”

Please donate to support Carlo’s fundraising for MMC at:

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Carlo with partner Angelina Luzi at Tour Music Fest in Rome
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