Fabric Wins License Back! Deaf Rave Music Production Showcase can continue there!

Back in November 2015 we had our first Deaf Rave Music Prod showcase at world renowned Fabric Nightclub, it was a fantastic opportunity to begin bridging the gap between hearing and non hearing parties/production/lifestyle and culture and was a very proud moment for the whole team. Having such a staple London club get behind the first of its kind project and our youth music charity was another reinforcement of what a fantastic team Fabric are and how forward thinking they are. Hearing of its closure was devastating. Power to the people as the fight to #saveourcluture won before the close of 2016. So thrilled with this excellent revival for London! We will see you in new year with our Deaf Rave Crew and MMC!  Well done to everyone who helped to make this happen! #saveourculture

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