Interview with Khamin one of our previous students and studying at The Conservatoire

The Midi Music Company has been awarding free bursaries to students studying on our courses here since 2003. At that point we awarded 4 bursaries per year and now in 2017 with the generous support of Tom’s Trust and Lewisham Council, we award 10 each year and continue to keep a close eye on our students’ development. The Conservatoire was founded in 1881 by local people who wanted to put art and music at the heart of their community, and for over 134 years it has done just that. They now dedicate most of their fundraising efforts and the proceeds that they earn from music and art courses to fund a number of social outreach projects in the community like ours.

Khamin is a former bursary award winner who is currently on placement with us under the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. We asked her a few questions.

MMC: When did you start at the Conservatoire and what did you study?

K: I started in 2014 and I am practising singing with a vocal coach one on one.

MMC: When and what did you learn @ The Midi Music Company?

K: I first came when I was 4 years old. There was a drum class, singing, and dance school on Saturdays, and since then I have continued with the drums. I tried to play the piano and then moved on to singing and band workshop. My favourite was the band workshop, as I got to try all the different instruments in the same class.

MMC: What have you found the most helpful part of attending the Conservatoire? 

K: I have covered many different songs in various genres and expanded on my vocal range.

MMC: How do you find the diversity at the school?

K: I would say it’s not mixed enough right now. It’s very expensive, so if you don’t get through on a scholarship many people can’t go. I’m very thankful for MMC and for the opportunity.

MMC: Do you think music is something you will continue with until you are older?

K: Yes I do. I have wanted to do music since I was little. I like art as well but will always continue music.

MMC: How are you enjoying being an intern at MMC?

K: I’m enjoying all the various tasks. I like multi-tasking in the office and I look forward to new projects.

MMC: Are there any other hobbies that influence your music?

K: Art & dance, and listening to music as much as I can. Creativity is what fuels me. 



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