MMC Runs the London Landmarks Half Marathon

This year we join the London Landmark Half Marathon on Sunday 1st August 2021 with MMC members and friends joining the run to fundraise for our work with young creatives.

First up is Barbarella (aka Barbara Pugliese), former Young Producers intern and an Italian-English singer-songwriter, dancer and music producer based in London. Barbarella is the founder, lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the alternative indie-rock band Barbarella’s Bang Bang, and contributes lead vocals to Slovo, a music collective founded by former Faithless guitarist Dave Randall. We asked Barbarella a few questions about her involvement in this year’s London Landmarks Half Marathon.

What motivated you to get involved in running the half marathon?

“What inspired me is the fact that it’s an exciting activity that would help supporting The Midi Music Company. It is a challenge that has been pushing my body and mind into some constant and testing exercising!”

So, why The Midi Music Company?

“I have chosen to fundraise for The Midi Music Company because it has been, and always will be a wonderful part of my life. It has helped me a lot to develop my career as an artist and I will always be grateful to Wozzy Brewster OBE and team for their ongoing support. The world needs more of these precious people illuminating the way forward to the youth.”

What have you enjoyed most about your training – what have you struggled with?

“I’ve been enjoying defeating that lazy thought that would sometimes stop me from going running, and end every run feeling great and proud! I have struggled a bit with consistency. At times I would have liked to be more focused.”

How has your talent as a musician helped your training?

“Perhaps this marathon can be associated to an important show where you gotta practice your set of songs a few days a week, in order for you to deliver a good performance! Maybe my talent as a musician has helped me seeing the run training under this perspective.”

Unfortunately, Barbarella was unable to take part in the final run on the day as she was unwell with Covid-19, though has since recovered. Phew!

Please support her training and efforts by donating at her fundraising page:

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Barbarella’s Bang Bang:

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