ReidMoore Duo Release Raag Khamaj

New single Raag Khamaj is a collaboration written and arranged by  Rebekah Reid and Olivia Moore. The CICAS® duo, formed during lockdown in September 2020, initially met in Manchester in 2018.

The track blends classical Hindustani violin (taught to Olivia on a study trip to India in 2019 by maestro Kala Ramnath), with modern violin electronic performance. Its magical, interweaved layers complement the essence of the composition.

Its composition is based on a classical Hindustani raga and is in a 6-beats cycle (Dardra Taal), arranged for 5 violins. Both artists recorded the piece remotely, whilst in lockdown.

Raag Khamaj is out now on all major platforms. Listen here & enjoy!

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ReidMoore Duo new releaseRaag Khamaj
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