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Please click here to read and agree to the terms of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment before making a room booking.

How to book

Our rooms are UK Music approved rehearsal spaces. To hire a room you will need to supply a list of everyone attending, providing each full name, mobile phone number and email address in advance of the session. 

Any person that whose name does not appear on the list provided will not be admitted to the building.

Regular & other hires

Regular hires can be pre-arranged with details submitted for all attending each session. MMC does NOT hire rooms to under 16s, but they can attend as part of a group. Click here to see a list of rooms available for hire.

For any room booking enquiries, please email the Office Administrator at

Please note, we will not offer compensation or additional hire time for any delay in entry caused by failure to provide this advance information in good time.

Room Bookings

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