Music Explosion Industry Talk & Networking Autumn Special 2023

Wednesday 15 November 2023, 6pm-8.30pm at 77 Watson’s St, London SE8 4AU

FREE entry – ages 16+

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Music Explosion Industry Talk & Networking provides exciting opportunities for anyone 16 years and over to enhance their understanding of the music industry.

We are thrilled to present ‘Music Explosion – Music Industry Talk & Networking’ with a panel discussion on the Past, Present, and Future of Market Developments and Opportunities in the ever-changing music industry.

This event explores the continuously evolving music business, shedding light on how changes in technology and cultural trends provide a wealth of career opportunities for emerging creatives.

The evening will kick off with an engaging panel discussion featuring senior figures from [PIAS], a prominent player in the global music industry. Hosted by Wozzy Brewster OBE, this discussion promises to be a deep dive into the intricacies of the music business, offering valuable insights and perspectives.


Nik Sharma | Senior Insights Executive: Nik is a seasoned streaming data analyst with over six years of experience in the music industry. At [PIAS], he analyses the music streaming landscape, utilizing data to create bespoke insights reports and business dashboards that help track [PIAS] artists’ performance.



Adrian Pone | Chief Digital Officer: Adrian is at the forefront of digital development in the global music industry. As Chief Digital Officer for [PIAS] and MD of [Integral], he collaborates with colleagues, labels, and partners to enable repertoire discovery, nurture audiences, and drive revenues for label and creative partners.



Sian Blewitt | Audience Development: With nearly a decade of experience supporting artists and specializing in audience development, Sian is the Audience Development and Strategy Manager at [PIAS]. She leads digital marketing campaigns, spearheads creative initiatives on social media, and builds partnerships with streaming platforms to support independent artists.



Charlie Wale | Group Business Affairs: Charlie has been a legal professional in the music industry for over three decades. He’s witnessed the music business undergo various transformations and is currently the Director of Business Affairs at [PIAS] Group, managing acquisitions and ensuring the group keeps up with evolving methods of consumption and monetization.


About [PIAS]:

[PIAS] is a global independent music company with a presence in all major territories worldwide. It operates with two core divisions: the [PIAS] Label Group, overseeing various record label interests, and [Integral] Distribution and Label Services, which supports in-house labels and over 100 independent label partners across the globe. [PIAS] represents a wide range of leading independent labels and artists.

Join us for an evening of insights, networking, and drinks, as we navigate the dynamic world of the music industry. This event is open to music enthusiasts, creatives, and anyone eager to explore the diverse career possibilities within the music business.

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