Spotlighting Artiō

One of our long-time students Charlie Gunning, aka Artiō, is a UK-based techno producer who is achieving incredible things at just 14 years old. He has released a self-produced EP and currently has a Friday evening residency on the radio station Base FM UK where he DJs.

Artiō has a great passion for synths and dystopian grooves, which can be communicated through every one of his releases. He draws inspiration from artists such as Linear B, Pig & Dan and Loco and Jam who’s tracks commonly include heavy kicks and dark, trippy vocals.

We spoke to Artiō about his music and achievements. Here’s what he had to say.

1. What is your favourite thing about DJing, producing and music?

For me, it’s a combination of creating beats and getting to work with the gear available to me.

2. How much musical training have you had?

I guess you could say I have had a little bit of musical training from guitar lessons and doing courses at The Midi Music Company, but the majority of what I have learned is the technical side of things i.e. EQing and layering sounds. As far as music production goes, I’m really self-taught.

3. How did you land your residency on these radio stations?

I first got into contact with Base FM via some back and forth on Instagram. They then asked if I would be interested in joining the crew, to which I expressed my interest in doing so.

4. How has The Midi Music Company and its courses helped you?

The Midi Music Company and its courses have helped me to learn more about the melodic side of music, such as writing sequences and baselines. I have also gained confidence and find it a little easier talking to people. They are also going to help me with my speech over the radio to improve it. I have also been awarded a bursary at Blackheath Conservatoire, and I’m learning keyboard which will greatly benefit my producing.

The Midi Music Company is so proud to be supporting young creatives like Charlie.

Listen to one of Artiō’s Base FM UK’s DJ sets here.

Listen to one of Artiō’s House tracks here.

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