MMC Courses Terms & Conditions

1.1 This agreement relates to a block booking of lessons, payable in full and in advance.

1.2 The teacher will provide up to 10 lessons.

1.3 The teacher will provide an agreed schedule of lessons detailing dates and times prior to lessons commencing.

1.4 The fees for this term are as advertised in the Courses page. Concessionary fees are only available once evidence is approved for current full-time students and unemployed people claiming Employment and Support Allowance, Jobseeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit. Please email evidence of your status to

1.5 Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

1.6 The student/guardian is responsible for informing the teacher of any medical conditions which may affect the learning experience and interaction.

1.7 We occasionally use photos and video of our classes on leaflets and online for promotion. If you prefer to opt out, please notify us at

1.8 The teacher agrees to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations including in relation to confidentiality, privacy, GDPR and the protection of personal data.

1.9 Should any disputes arise during the term of this agreement it is anticipated that discussions will take place between the parties with the intention of resolving any dispute. However, if the parties are unable to resolve the dispute, they may agree to terminate this agreement with immediate effect or seek the services of a mediator.

1.10 Neither party shall be liable to the other party for any breach by the other of any of the terms and conditions herein occasioned by pandemic (including the current Covid-19), any act of god, war, revolution, riot, civil disturbance, strike, lock-out, flood, fire or other cause not reasonably within the control of such party.


2.1 Lessons must not be recorded by either party unless there is a prior agreement in writing for this. If recordings are made, they should not be shared with third parties or uploaded to social media.

2.2 For the purposes of confidentiality and privacy, all communications between the student/guardian and teacher should be via email. (Communication by telephone should only take place where necessary due to urgency e.g. unavoidable last-minute cancellations).

2.3 The teacher agrees to comply with The Midi Music Company’s Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity policies, which are available upon request.

2.4 The Midi Music Company keeps an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) register of all tutors.


It is important to note that whilst a teacher will do their best to ensure the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed. Careful regular practice as advised by the teacher is essential to the success in any musical endeavour.

By registering on this course, you agree to the terms of this agreement and authorise The Midi Music Company to provide tuition to you, your son/daughter or child under your care, until termination of this agreement.

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