Terra Viva Release Lies in Suit and Tie

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Vocals: Angela Luzi
Bass /BVs: Devid Dell’Aiera
Drums /BVs: Matteo Ricordo
Bouzuki /Mandolin /Trumpet /BVs: Alex Paton
Guitar /BVs: Alessandro Gugel

Bandcamp terravivamusic.bandcamp.com
Website www.terravivamusic.com | www.angelinaluzi.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/terravivamusic
Instagram www.instagram.com/terravivamusic

Terra Viva return with a new album Lies in Suit and Tie featuring CAPs singer-songwriter Angelina Luzi’. Released on 7th May 2021, the album’s funky, catchy tracks fearlessly tackles the important socio-political and environmental issues of climate change, gentrification and the refugee crisis.

Check out the albums first music video Extinction Rebellion. Watch out its remixes too.

Terra Viva release their latest album Lies in Suit and Tie
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