The Breakout Club! Monday November 28th // HUGE LINE UP ANNOUNCED !

Monday November 28th // HUGE LINE UP ANNOUNCED //!


A night of LIVE MUSIC celebrating our CICAS® artists at The Midi Music Company.

//  OP SA! 

Bringing their own passionate brand of Balkan music, influenced by the roots of the Serbian Kolo and the Turkish čoček, Op Sa! is an addictive blend of wild beats, gypsy flair and modern sound. They’ve supported top bands such as Serbian band KAL, the Turbans as well as working alongside producers Gypsy Hill. They’ve performed at prestigious venues such as the Royal Festival Hall alongside the London Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as being one of the featured headliners at the Lancaster Music Festival 2015.

Listeners can look forward to music from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and the Romani culture with a growing number of original compositions and arrangements incorporating jazz and rock influences. The band’s sets are orchestrally varied and dynamic, and ooze passion for what they do.

Teaming a traditional brass trumpet section with clarinets, saxophone, electric guitars, darabouka and a drum kit, they give a contemporary twist to deep-rooted cultural influences and create an unmistakeably rich sound. You will be mesmerised, compelled to dance and unable to drag yourself away from this lively gypsy party.

// Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson is a singer-songwriter and musician. He moved to London before his teenage years and began making music from a young age. Jay’s naturally curious mind led him to start learning the cello. He then taught himself how to play the guitar a few years after. Jay started listening to artists such as Bob Dylan, Paolo Nutini, and Ben Howard from his early teens, and as a result their influences can often be seen in his original works.

Jay eventually began writing his own original songs, then a year later, he started busking on the streets of London, and another a year later, he began performing at pubs and venues. A few months after Jay started playing to live crowds in various venues, he decided to leave his previous career plans of becoming a doctor behind, and decided to become a full-time musician.

Jay is now a resident artist at the world-famous Roundhouse venue in London, and is currently working on an EP at Abbey Road Studios.

// Michelle O Faith

Penning her first lyric aged just 5, at 11, she begun using music software to produce her own songs. A 90’s baby, Michelle grew up on Pop music – then, aged 10 The Midi Music Company awarded her  a scholarship to study Classical Voice at the prestigious Blackheath Conservatoire of the Arts. By the time she’d finished her A-Levels, she was a Grade 8. She is a Classical Pianist, too; and, recently graduated from a Russell Group university with a Bachelor’s in Classical Music.

This life-long affinity for Pop music, with a background of training rooted firmly in Classical, coalesces in Michelle’s distinctive sound. Her debut EP No Romance in China, released 2015, juxtaposes elements of traditional Pop songwriting – anthem-like choruses, and ear-worm hooks – with a striking, oddball vocal branded by the songstress’ effortless transition between a familiar Pop sound, and refined operatic technique. Lyrics are incisive – employing metaphor to put innovative spins on relatable topics. The result…? Something genre-defying. “Michelle O Faith tears up the Pop blueprint,” wrote Hunger of the EP’s lead single, the epic Sleep Through The Fire.

// James Caspar

Northern rap artist, James has many a tale and is at the start of his music career, we are excited to welcome him to the stage.

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