What music means to me


My name is JoJo and I’m in year 11 at Kingsdale Foundation School, just about to start my final year of GCSEs. Music has always played a large part in my life. Even as a young boy I would jump around the kitchen vigorously playing my air guitar and dancing all over the place.

Soon though that air guitar became a real one and at the age of seven I had my first glimpse of the music industry, however brief it might have been. But I felt like I could do more and then through persistence (and begging) I convinced my parents to allow me to have drum lessons which led to a drum kit and now I am in a band with my friends called Electric Blue (the name is in its trial phase).


Photo credit: Gavin Whitner at musicoomph.com

What I think makes music so great is how it affects you as a person. When I’m playing I feel that I can just do whatever I want and forget about life; it gives me such a warm feeling, that I can only describe as happiness, creating and exploring music.

The many different opportunities music provides, benefitting and impacting people’s lives, is endless. It allows you to make new friends, builds your confidence create a community around the medium, gives you a chance to express yourself and most importantly allows you to be who you want to be. Music is one of the best things that has happened to me because without it I think I would be lost.

Music has such a special place in my heart and I will always have such a deep appreciation for how it changed me for the better as a person. Without it I wouldn’t have made such meaningful friendships or started my band, or even considered playing the drums or guitar.

I think the main thing is I wouldn’t have danced around the kitchen to The Beatles like I was crazy. But I now want to pursue a career in the music industry and I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

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