James Beau Barclay – Alive

Indie pop singer-songwriter James Beau Barclay releases new single Alive on Friday 2nd October 2020. Its warm upbeat expression of love and devotion is a feeling we all need during this unprecedented time of isolation.

In the new single, James is open and somewhat lighthearted about his reliance on his partner to live a happy life, singing ‘I need your loving in my life to survive’. As is often found in James’ songs, it contains darker moments with the verses talking of how his partners affection ‘reminds him of lost love’.

Alive is the third song in his upcoming EP Found Me which will take the listener on an emotional journey, starting starting with the depths of despair and traveling through acceptance, fulfilment, and finally joy!

Accompanied by a playful music video, Alive is produced by IHB films (Izaak Brandt, another Bristol school friend) and features James playing an explorer chasing a mystical girl through the wilderness. It was filmed in Richmond park on a 1960s Russian film camera and filled with heart-shaped balloons and homemade binoculars, making for a warm, inviting and a perfectly stylish fit to the song.

Alongside James, Blu Wiley features with his vocal debut. Blu (aka Ben Wiley) is a talented producer who also has a beautiful higher range in his voice, something that the world is soon to hear more of as James and Blu release a backlog of songs in the coming months. The pair have been creating music together since they were in school in Bristol, originally playing in an indie rock band formed during their sixth form.

James’ upcoming EP will delves deep into a twisted world of mood and emotion, throughout the project, exploring his internal progression from isolation and despondency, to freedom and joy, in a process that perfectly mirrors the cultural moment, born from a pandemic, that we’re all currently living through.

About James Beau Barclay

James has been active in London’s music scene for a number of years. Since sparking his career with public performances on the streets, James Beau Barclay brought his artistic vision to life with his Busking for Anxieties campaign. This allowed James’ passion for mental health awareness to shine as he transformed complete strangers’ fears and worries into vehicles of creativity and healing through song.

Listen to the EP Concept: soundcloud.com/james-beau-barclay/sets/summer-ep-concept/s-Q7bwQ

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