Young people are at the heart of what we do

We want their voice heard through important decision making and in support of the production and promotion of MMC events and seminars, as well as developing their own enterprises.

2019 CYF Members

Setondji Ametowanou (Chair)
James Beau Barclay
Amy Drinkwater
Anwar Harris
Katie Peach
Magnus Pickering

James Beau Barclay

James’ music is soulful and catchy and he enjoys writing about deep emotion. He has previously used a combination of design and music to address mental health issues; going busking for anxieties then making songs from them. He has a passionate interest in improving public wellbeing and feels music has a great power to do this.

Magnus Pickering

He loves playing freelance in lots of different genres and is really enjoying learning new experiences by leading his own brass band, Magnus and the Balkanauts.

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