Deaf Rave crew in DJ MAG

Very proud of our Deaf Rave crew for attracting the attention of DJ Mag. It’s true these guys know how to put on a party and they are doing it with style, confidence and inclusion. 2017  is set for new releases from MC Geezer and SignKid, both CICAS®  members and they make full use of the space here at MMC where they perfect  performances, beat make and professionally plan releases and events with the help of our team. Feeling very proud that DJ Mag have honoured their great work which has been growing with force for over a decade. See Article below

They also stopped in at Reel Rebel Radio in Hackney and talked to the 24/7 local/global community radio about diversity in music. Producers are at the station around the clock and look into some of the most interesting new events, collaborations and projects coming out of London.  The online radio world grows with strength too, shouts out to Represzent Fm too, and not forgetting DJ NG a Creative Associate Professional  at MMC, catch his regular show on Reprezent here!

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