Evelyn Bates neo-classical release

Classically trained pianist, pop singer & composer Evelyn Bates released a neo-classical track I Used to Have Dreams from her first instrumental EP I Want You to Know

Evelyn was born into a family of musicians and composers. She spent her time after school at classical concerts at the conservatoire and secretly performing jazz and pop music as a singer on school days, combining both passions early on.

In 2016 she moved to London to continue studying vocals, composition, songwriting, acting and art-performance, writing music for critically acclaimed short films including It’s Not Safe Outside and The Sessions.

Her first instrumental EP I Want You to Know is written just for piano, and reflects on her ex-pianist career, struggles and sacrifices. Evelyn is also working on her first pop EP, due for  release later this year. Her first track I Used To Have Dreams, as the name suggests, is about losing your dreams and seeing them fall apart.

Writing this EP was like therapy, where I needed to simplify things, to see them more clearly in order to reflect on that.”

Created in the style of programme music, Evelyn explains how “every turn/note, everything you hear is an image in my head and means something very specific. I didn’t aim for very complex harmonies, for innovative decisions, as it simply wasn’t the point.”

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Classically trained pianist, singer & composer Evelyn Bates
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