My Experience at MMC

My first task in my work experience at The Midi Music Company (MMC) involved social media promotion for events coming up at MMC, interacting with other organisations and charities by liking and retweeting, posting about the organisation’s new charity link with Amazon, and promoting the recent CICAS podcast.

I also gained an insight in the way that the rooms are hired at MMC. I observed how the bookings for the specific room and time slot, the cash system for bookings and deposits for borrowed equipment, and having a record of who has paid for what including receipts, enabled this system to run effectively as an aspect of the organisation’s business.

I then got creative helping create some bags for people to use, when they take their borrowed equipment to their hired rooms. The bags were made by up cycling bin liners.

Another aspect of my work experience included creating a room monitoring form to be filled out when people may have issues with faulty equipment, or the rooms they have hired at MMC. This will allow issues to be made clear and specific, so they can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

I also helped start to develop and create a business management tool, to be used to keep track of projects and things going on at MMC, and what is involved within these projects, and so this tool should help create an information for these things, so the data can be easily accessed and used accordingly.

Overall my week of work experience here at The Midi Music Company has been a valuable one, in which I have gained insight into the business side, online promotion skills, and admin skills of an organisation, especially ones within a creative environment.

I look forward to pursuing a career within the creative industry and believe that some of the skills I have acquired during my time here will be useful and valuable.



Work experience at MMC
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