Keyboard Skills for Songwriting


Term dates: 23rd September 2021 to 2nd December 2021, except half term break on 28th October 2021
Times: Thursdays 4.30pm to 6pm
Location: Online via Zoom

A practical and empowering introduction to keyboard skills for songwriting and production.

You’ll develop your knowledge of music theory and applied techniques on keyboard/piano. Together we will work on hand position, note values and basic music reading skills. During the course you’ll have fun learning to play major and minor chords/triads, chord progressions and melodies of any song we choose to perform.

This course is taught by Mike Strocchi, a multi-instrumentalist performer and workshop leader with highly-developed skills on drum kit, bass guitar and keyboards. He is generous with his knowledge and encouragement, and keen to ensure his students enjoy their learning.

You will need: A keyboard or piano and a computer with the Zoom video conferencing app.

Minimum experience: Beginners welcome. Students do not require experience or in-depth knowledge, just a passion for music and willingness to learn, progress and improve their skills.

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