Setondji Spirit ‘Mater’ of Life

Singer-songwriter Setondji Spirit‘s new single ‘Mater’ of Life is the first of a five-track series, Together We Are.

Inspired by the Soul Melody reggae riddim and the current global crisis, ‘Mater’ refers to the Latin meaning for mother, who feeds and nurtures the soul with music. It is a call to artists to take part in creating a story that brings live music back to the heart of society. 

Setondji debuted in reggae show business performing alongside his brother, French reggae artist Joe Pilgrim and fellow CICAS® artist Jesse James Macfarlane in The Wise Bloods. Mater of Life is out now on GFMA Records with a Soul Fyah Production. Listen at Bandcamp here.

Setondji Spirit new single 'Mater' of Life, out now
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