Syd Nukuluk ‘Data X Change’

Syd Nukuluk, aka Luke Kulukundis has a new EP Data X Change featuring French-British rapper Monika and backed by CICAS® artists Waz (Isaac Baden-Powell on drums and keys) and Sienna Bordello (vocal samples). Get yours and listen at Bandcamp.

Data X Change explores what it means to be a songwriter in a digital, with abstracted guitar as a medium throughout, sometimes providing the dominant melody, sometimes just fragments and textures. It explores different genres, lurching from trip-hop to ambient folk to lo-fi, all tied together with a distinct sonic melancholia.

“…debut five-track Data X Change EP, a lo-fi quintet of synapse-firing
electronica pushing indie, R&B and hip-hop to a shadowy left…”
Monolith Cocktail

Check out their video Plasticene:

Syd also has a track Glassbox on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Syd Nukuluk's Data X Change
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